Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy") refers to how the companies that are part of Grupo Albanesi treat the information obtained from third parties through the website ("Site").

All personal data of those users who visit the Site ("Users") and obtained as a consequence of those visits and the interaction with the Site are subject to the Privacy Policy.

All companies that are part of Grupo Albanesi are bound by the terms of the Privacy Policy.

Grupo Albanesi guarantees to make all in its power to ensure the information provided by the Users ("Users Information") is treated, kept and handled in a secure and confident manner, implementing the corresponding security measures as well as those required by law. Notwithstanding the above, it is expressively stated that Users provide their information willingly, and so the User knows and understands that the Internet security conditions are not perfect or impenetrable. The User acknowledges as well that it is possible that maintenance and administration of the Site may be performed by a third party outside Grupo Albanesi, and that Grupo Albanesi shall not be held responsible.

Grupo Albanesi shall be responsible only for the use the companies part of Grupo Albanesi make of the Users Information. It shall not be held responsible for the promotion made by third parties or the consequences of such promotion.

The Users Information will be used for the exchange of information the Users agreed to by willingly accessing the Site.

The Privacy Policy is bound by the laws in Argentina.

Latest Update: May 24, 2017