Production in natural gas and oil fields

Albanesi has organized its resources knowing that the only successful way to participate in these activities is through the strength of professional teams trained in different disciplines in the industry that can demonstrate the experience required for the evaluation, follow-up and development of oil and natural gas production fields.

Within the power sector integration strategy framework, Albanesi has an active participation within the opportunities that arise for the production of oil and natural gas, both in Argentina and in some other Latin American countries.

In 2006, Albanesi obtained its classification as Oil Fields Operator from the National Secretariat of Energy, under No. 376, which authorizes the company to operate oil and gas fields in Argentina.

From October 2003 to 2004, by founding Petrocoral C.A., it operated the West Guarico Unit in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela under the terms of the Operation Service Agreement 101616070950005 of the Second Round of PDVSA Oil Business, following the Operation and Maintenance GUA-420 Agreement with Repsol YPF of Venezuela.