This dual-fuel thermoelectric power plant is located in Frías, Province of Santiago del Estero. We acquired the power plant in 2010. The plant´s main activity was electrical energy generation and commercialization. In 2014 a reconditioning process was initiated that resulted in the plant being fully operational by December 2015.

The plant has a 60 MW dual-fuel Pratt & Whitney turbine (model SWIFTPAC FT-4000). The power plant’s turbine can run on either gas or diesel oil. The plant has two diesel oil storage tanks with capacity for 1,000 m3 each, which accounts for up to six days of fuel supply with the plant operating at full capacity.

The power plant is adjacent to TRANSNOA S.A., which means it is strategically placed to feed energy with SADI (Argentinean Interconnected System).

The plant began its commercial operations in December 5, 2015.

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Turbine Construction

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