Easy Access to Renewable Energy

Acts 26.190 and 27.191 put in place a set of rules to encourage, at a national level, the use of renewable sources of energy intended for the production of electrical energy and established goals concerning the use of energy from renewable sources.

Resolution MEyM E 281/2017 established the conditions in which the Large MEM Users can comply with the consumption obligation, hiring up to 100% of their demand. "Large Authorized Users" will be able to hire the purchase of energy from different renewable sources from a MARKETER, among other options.

Grupo Albanesi is an Argentine private equity business group with a strong presence in the natural gas and electrical energy market. Grupo Albanesi has been authorized by the Energy Secretary's Office to be a part of the Wholesale Electrical Market (Mercado Eléctrico Mayorista, MEM) as an electrical energy marketing agent according to the terms stipulated in section 5 of Decree 185/1995.

RAFAEL G. ALBANESI has subscribed to “Contratos de Abastecimiento de Energía Renovable” (Renewable Energy Supply Agreements) to acquire renewable energy generated from several projects with the intention of selling to Large Authorized Users. In addition to these solar or wind projects that RGA will commercialize in different regions in Argentina, there will be other futures projects to be commercialized or developed and run by RGA, providing flexibility and alternatives that will guarantee the supply of renewable sources of energy.

We offer to fulfill up to 100% of the Large Authorized Users demand that wish to exercise the option to get out of the Joint Purchase to CAMMESA, a wholesale electrical market administrator.

We have a large industry knowledge that ALLOWS us to understand your supply needs and adapt said supply to the TIME PERIODS required offering competitive PRICES in comparison to the supply prices of the present demand ("Base" Demand and "Surplus" Demand).