Albanesi Energía S.A. has developed a cogeneration project located at Timbues Cogeneration Thermal Plant, where a dual 170 MW turbine was installed, which entered into commercial operation in February 2018 and a 240-ton steam recovery boiler that entered the production stage in February 2019.

Timbues Cogeneration Thermal Power Plant generates energy through a 170 MW gas turbine and is sold to CAMMESA. The gases resulting from the turbine combustion are injected into a boiler to produce steam which is sold to a private client for its production process.

Project investment for both phases totaled USD 195 MM.

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FEB. 2019. End of second phase of the project with the production and sale of steam to a private client which uses it in its production process. In this way the company is fully operational, generating electricity through a 170 MW turbine and producing steam through a 240-ton recovery boiler.

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