Ethics Line

An anonymous communication line is a valuable tool to unveil possible irregular or unethical behavior in the work place. It offers an alternative to those who do not feel comfortable discussing these topics in person.

The "Ethics Line" allows employees to report, among other matters, situations and/or behaviors that may be a real or potential violation to this Code.

It is important that each report be made immediately, in good faith and with enough details so as to allow the Companies to complete a review and come up with an effective resolution.


The purpose of this tool is to channel complaints referring to, among other things:

Compliance of business principles
Rules of ethical behavior
Conflicts of interest
Non-compliance of regulations
Behaviors related to economic/computing offenses

4 channels available

Phone number: 0800-444-7722
Web access through our app that complies with international security standards:
Web: or and entering the name of the organization, in this case, "Albanesi".
Personal interview with a staff member of Forensic Services from PwC Argentina
By video call, through the aforementioned website

Complainant Protection

Grupo Albanesi will encourage the use of an Ethics Line and will guarantee the protection in the work environment to those who come forward with a complaint in good faith.

The "Ethics Line" will be supervised by the Ethics Committee. The Committee is in charge of managing the Code of Ethics and Conduct, and also assessing and establishing the measures to implement in case of complaints.